How It Works
How it's going down:

The Contest will be broken down by six East Coast & six West Coast competitions. Yes we are aware of the potential violence this may spark….so be it….No one said comedy was funny.

Each of the 14 cities will host a competition to find the best comic from their city. There will be one winner from each of the 14 regional competitions. In the Regional's the comic will perform 5 minute sets. The 14 from the West Coast will move on to the semi finals at the Tampa Improv and the 14 from the East Coast will move onto the semi finals at the Ft. Lauderdale Improv.

The sets will be 7-8 minutes. There will be two winners from each semi final chosen. All four will compete for the title of Florida’s Funniest Comedian at the Palm Beach Improv.

At the finals, the sets will be 20 minutes.

West Coast Semi Finals: 11/14
East Coast Semi Finals: 11/13
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1st Round:
All 14 cities will have 15 comics competing
5 minute sets
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2nd Round / Semi Finals:
The 14 winners from the west coast cities will compete @ Tampa Improv
The 14 winners from the east coast cities will compete at the Ft. Lauderdale Improv
Two winners from each semi finals will be picked to move onto the Finals @ the Boca Improv
7-8 minute sets
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@ the PB Improv
20 minute sets
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1st Place
Gets you an 8 week club tour and 4 more weeks. That's 3 months of work! One Guest Spot in NYC plus a second Guest Spot in LA.
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2nd Place
Gets you a one week engagement at the club of your choice.
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3rd Place
A cool ribbon made of Lycra.
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College Prize
Rene' Harte will choose a select few to compete for a chance to showcase at NACA. The winners of the competition will be professionally videotaped and submitted to NACA and all that are chosen by NACA will have all expenses paid. Good Luck to all!!!
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Rising Star
The judges will be choosing, strictly from the video submissions, three comics to be named Florida's Funniest's Next Rising Stars. Each winner will receive private emcee training from the Improv as well as one paid emcee spot. Submit your best 5 minutes.
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